On Wittgenstein and Concepts

Knott , H. A., Wittgenstein, Concept Possession and Philosophy: A Dialogue, Palgrave Macmillan, 2007.

Book Information
Paperback, 237 pages
ISBN: 0-230-50682-8

Brief Description
This book, written in the form of a dialogue, develops an original approach to Wittgenstein's philosophy on the nature of concept possession and description. Knott argues that the possession of concepts is constitutive of personhood and of consciousness, so that Wittgenstein's programme of conceptual clarification is no mere intellectual exercise but a struggle to see more clearly into our own nature and place in the world.

Bremer, Manuel, Concept and Analysis. A Study in the Theory of Concepts and Analytic Metaphilosophy, Berlin (Logos), 2013.
Contents: 1. A Representationalist Theory of Concepts and Meaning 2. Reflections on Frege's Theory of Concepts 3. Exploring Our Concept of Logic 4. The Inexpressibility of Real Gaps in Ordinary Language 5. Conceptual Analysis in Ordinary Language Philosophy Revisited 6. Ist Hegels Dialektik reine Begriffsanalyse?
From its presentation page: […] The very aim of this book is to set out in which respects concepts are properly studied in philosophy, what methodological role the study of concepts has in philosophy's study of the world, why there are several viable methods of analysis and even conceptual analysis has its place here. I do not like the talk of 'meta-philosophy' myself, but many of the considerations in this book nowadays are placed under that headline, so I just followed common – although somewhat foolish – practice. […] More here: http://www.mbph.de/Language/CA_ToC.htm

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