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This is a collaborative space for a collaborative project – a space where BWS members and all researchers in Wittgenstein studies can enter and exchange references and information on books, articles and other material related to the life and work of Ludwig Wittgenstein. Our aim is to eventually make this the best Annotated Bibliography of Wittgenstein available on line, indeed – why not? – a Comprehensive Annotated Bibliography.

So, watch this space! Or rather, don't just watch it, contribute to it …
A good start would be for authors to enter references to their own works.

If you have not used Wikis before: please simply e-mail your entries to Costas at moc.liamelgoog|posanahtac#moc.liamelgoog|posanahtac observing the recommended format outlined below.

If you have used Wikis before and you want to experiment: please follow the instructions below on how to make new entries/ add pages/themes.

Instructions on how to make new entries or add new pages/themes:
Members of the site can add new entries or new pages. If you are not a member, you can become one by e-mailing the editor of the site, Dr Constantinos Athanasopoulos (Costas, for short) at moc.liamelgoog|posanahtac#moc.liamelgoog|posanahtac. You can also e-mail your suggestions or simply use the Comments function on each page. Please note that contributions may be edited.

How to search and navigate through the Bibliography:
Each page contains bibliographical information on a theme relating to Wittgenstein's life and work.
You can visit and navigate through each page/theme by using the 'tags' on the left navigation menu (the tags list on the left hand navigation menu is limited to 100 items; a full list can be found by clicking 'Page Tags: Full list' on the top left hand navigation menu).
You can search this Wiki either via the tags on the left navigation menu (and the tags page) or by using the 'search box' at the top of the page. For searching names of authors, please use only the 'search box' option. For searching key terms and themes you should use both the tags and the 'search box' option.

Recommendations on the Format of Proposed Entries to the Bibliography

It is recommended that proposed entries to the Bibliography have the following format (MLA style slightly modified):


Author/Editor (Surname, First Name or Initial), title, publisher, year of publication.

Book Information
Paperback, x pages

Brief Discussion
(about 200-500 words with some description of the contents).

Papers/Books that discuss this Book (if applicable).

Webspace where a discussion of this publication can be downloaded/read (for example a publicly accessible book review, if applicable)

Suggested Tags:
(4-5 key terms related to the entry as keywords for all searches)


Author (Surname, First Name or Initial), title of paper, journal name, vol. no., issue no., year of publication, page nos.

Brief Description
(preferably the journal's Abstract)

Papers/Books that discuss this paper (if applicable).

Webspace where a copy of this can be downloaded/read (publicly accessible, if applicable)

Suggested Tags:
(preferably the journal's Keywords)

For an example of how this works please click on the examples menu on the top menu (example 1) or click here:

UPDATE ON THE DESIGN OF THE BWS BIBLIOGRAPHY WIKI (September 2012): Due to spam the "Comments" function no longer exists. Please send entries to Costas at moc.liamelgoog|posanahtac#moc.liamelgoog|posanahtac using the above format. Thanks!

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