Wittgenstein and Aesthetics

This page is for works discussing the works and the influence of Wittgenstein on Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art.

Wilde Tine, Remodel[l]ing Reality: Wittgenstein’s notion of ¨ubersichtliche Darstellung & the phenomenon of Installation in visual art, Engels, 2008.

Book information:
30,1 x 21.3 cm
220 p
illustrations colour & b/w
English, hc; ISBN: 978-90-804240-3-6
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Remodel[l]ing Reality is an inquiry into Wittgenstein's notion of übersichtliche Darstellung and the phenomenon of installation in visual art. In a sense, both provide a perspicuous overview of a particular part of our complex world, but the nature of the overview differs. Although both generate knowledge, philosophy via the übersichtliche Darstellung gives us a view of how things stand for us, while the installation shows an unexpected, exiting point of view. The obvious we tend to forget and the ambiguity of reality are related to each other in a dynamic way. It is in this 'reflexive dynamics' that we constantly remodel our reality. Tools we use are our creative abilities and our powers of imagination. In our choices and solutions we show which aspects of reality we find important and how we communicate these values. The outcome of this investigation is a new perspective on the art of installation and a new insight in Wittgenstein's notion of übersichtliche Darstellung. Because of this combination, the book is itself an artwork: an InstallationPackage. The reader is intended to respond to the book in an active way. For instance, when he opens the book, the hard cover contains an A0-folder which describes the previously completed projects. This provides the context for the book. The various chapters of the book, in turn, show connections with these previous projects. Also included is a leaflet with full colour photos of the installation that was exhibited in 2008. These photos can be cut and pasted throughout various places in the book. Remodel[l]ing Realty is an 'InstallationPackage' which connects a dissertation with several works of art; it is analysis and synthesis in one. Because of the numerous cross-references, the book allows the reader an opportunity to make new connections using his personal background and life history. As a consequence, the InstallationPackage challenges the accepted idea of a dissertation and the established conventional approach of the art of installation.
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