Wittgenstein and Psychotherapy

Here you can find works that discuss the relation and influence of Wittgenstein to Psychotherapy.

Heaton, John M. , 'Scepticism and Psychotherapy: A Wittgensteinian Approach', in Heart and Soul, ed.
C.Mace, Routledge, 1999.

Scepticism proposes that doubt should bear not on propositions taken on their own terms but on the dubious language they perpetuate. Wittgenstein reserved particular scorn for the antics of psychological theorists. I propose, in the spirit of the Pyrrhonists, to examine some implications for the lives of therapists and their clients and propose how sceptically orientated consultations may be of benefit.

Heaton, John M. , 'Theory versus Understanding in Psychotherapy', Contributions of the Austrian Ludwig Wittgenstein Society, Papers of the 24th Symposium, 2001.

I show a way of thinking about psychotherapy which avoids theory. I give a brief clinical example showing that a deep obstacle in psychoanalysis is that the patient is subject to the analyst's picture of the mind.

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